Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crystal Creek High School: Redone!

Welcome to Crystal Creek High School, home of the Tigers!

Man, this took me entirely too long to do but I kept having to stop due to real life stuff. Anyway, last year sometime I had another high school that I used at the very beginning of my blogging days but once I started to get into blogging and taking better pics, that old high school wasn't cutting it anymore. It was too small and cramped and I couldn't really get nice pics in there. Hopefully this new and improved version will fit my needs.

Note: I apologize now for the craptastic lighting. I tried brightening some of the pics with photoshop. Click the pic if you want to enlarge it.

Here is a view down the main hallway. I have no idea how I ended up with orange being the school colors because I don't even care for orange other than on tigers. So that's why I chose the tigers as their mascot. This way down the hall takes you to the cafeteria, science classroom and gym.

Snaps of the cafeteria. I've changed the layout probably 4 times and I'll probably change it again. One time I had long tables, another time I had booths, another time I had a combination of those lol. I'm still not 100% satisfied with this set up but I'll keep it this way for this round at least.

Across the hall from the cafeteria is the science classroom. I showed part of the classroom in the Hu's last update.

Connected to the science classroom is a small greenroom for those career objects I completely forgot about.

Pics of the gym. I was going to make a workout room but decided not to. There were other things I wanted to add.

The bathrooms are pretty narrow so here's a top down view. Male and female bathrooms are identical with toilets, of course, shower stalls and lockers for their gym clothes.

And on the right when you enter the school (cafeteria and science classroom are to the left) there's an auditorium. I could have put the 2 or 3 additional classrooms I wanted in this space but I really wanted an auditorium. I may put on some plays, have graduation and have the principal give important announcements here.

There are 2 more bathrooms through that door in the back. I had to put those in because I didn't leave any room for bathrooms upstairs LOL. Thank goodness for cheats or my sims would be pretty ticked having to walk all the way downstairs to use the bathroom!

Outside, there is an area for activities. I have a soccer net there now but may switch it out occasionally for that obstacle course. I remember in my gym class we had fitness tests which I dreaded and while we didn't have an obstacle course to run, we had to run a mile around the track, do stretching exercises and other stuff which I blocked out. If I hated anything more than science in high school, it was gym... except volleyball, dodgeball or kickball. Oh and history. Didn't like history. And because I had to suffer through it, my sims will too lol.

There's also a little courtyard where the teens can hang out during lunch or before/after school. Or during class... whatever lol.

Moving on. Here's a top down view (which got a little stretched because I haven't found my old camera mod). If you couldn't tell, all the landscaping was done by yours truly. Landscaping for me equals using the same 3 or 4 plants along the edges of buildings and sidewalks ;).

Going upstairs, the hallway looks just like the one downstairs but up here we have the trophy case. The town hopes they can bring home a gold trophy one of these years ;).

Up the stairs on the left, we have the library, art classroom, counselor's office and principal's office.

First up, the library with built in computer lab and work stations.

Next is the art classroom.

Here is the counselor's office. I downloaded the Counseling Psychology career from Pine Hollow (thanks Shana!) and one of the levels is school counselor, so I decided to make an office for the sim whenever I find one who will fit in that career. It'll most likely be empty for a while but some lucky teacher can use it for now. Teens that are 15 years old can find job postings in the counselor's office, too.

Through the teacher/counselor's office is the principal's office.

At the other end of the hall, we have geography class, literature class and workshop. First up, geography.

Literature class. *thanks Carla for your chalkboard recolors!*

And lastly, workshop.

Top down view of the second floor.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Feel free to ask where I got stuff. I'll try to track it down for ya.

*fingers crossed that the game doesn't implode once I get a bunch of hyperactive teens running around in it*

-The design of the high school was inspired by the American High School made by twoflower at MTS. That one was way too big for me and I don't like some of the building cheats used so I just rebuilt it.


  1. Your school looks great! I love all the classrooms, how big is this lot? It all looks really great :)

  2. Thanks Mizzgin! It took me forever to decorate but I'm so happy with how it turned out. It's a "medium" sized lot according to the game. 5x3. It's a little larger than most of the other lots I tend to use but I couldn't go any smaller and fit everything I wanted in. :)

  3. Wow, it looks amazing. I love the trophy case

  4. I already commented in detail at N99 but this is just awesome. Great job!

    I'm here commenting again because I've meant to ask you this like 600 times now (well, twice anyway!) but do you know where you got those shelves in the principal's office? I feel like I might need them, lol! ;)

  5. It's absolutely beautiful! Could you maybe put it up for download!? I suck at building, and I'm much too lazy and self critical to build my own anyway. Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeees???!!!

  6. Starr, thanks again! Glad you like the trophy case because I almost forgot to save space for it! :)

    Carla, thank you again! Those shelves directly above the desk in the principal's office are actually hanging bookcases. Well, they might be decorative bookcases. I meant to check my game for you last night but I forgot. I'll let you know where they came from if I get a chance to load my game tonight!

  7. Coolkat, thank you very much and sorry I missed your comment just now! I don't think I could upload this lot because it is so big and completely packed with custom content. I'll check it out when I get on my home computer but I'm not making any promises. Glad you like it so much to want to download it! :)

  8. This looks great!! I can't wait to see your high school updates, and see this school in action!!

  9. Tanja, thanks for commenting! I got to play the high school a little bit last night and it ran very well. I'm so happy! I'm still trying to figure out how to piece the update together but you'll see it in use soon enough :).

    Carla, those shelves are by Hek @ MTS. :)

  10. How do you play this lot? Is it a residential building or a home business? Thanks.

  11. Hi, Anon! I play this lot as an owned community lot business. I don't like schools as residential lots because who lives at a high school? :)

    I had the principal, who's a playable npc, buy the lot and then when I want to play it, I just send her there and summon all of the teens and teachers. Then I just let the teens kind of do their own thing and set up shots here and there in the classrooms so it actually looks like they're learning. I also have some school hacks from SimLogical but I don't use them all like I should.

  12. I was the Anonymous before. :)
    Thanks for the explanation. This helps a lot. One question though: do you send the kids and teens just to this school and prevent them from being taken to the maxis school everyday? And if yes, which hack are you using? Or do you play the kids/teens only in this school? The building is awesome btw.

  13. himawara, ah ok! :). Yes, I do send my kids/teens to the regular Maxis school so they still get grades and do homework since it's needed for scholarships for college. I'll only play the high school once every other round and post an update about what happened, but I might also send a teen there during their play session if I need to set up a picture there. So I don't know what hack to suggest to stop them from going to school but SimLogical has very trustworthy hacks and I believe she has one there.

    You're welcome for the explanation and thanks for the compliment! If you need more info, just let me know! :)

  14. I do really like this! I think I need to make my school lot bigger so I can do that with my gym! It all turned out really great, time well spent!

  15. Thanks Maisie! I had fun playing the school last week and can't wait to get back in to take a few more pics. Luckily I didn't have to tweek anything and the students are having a blast. I just need to keep them out of the darn green room! They love it in there, of all places!

  16. Can I modify this principal's office image for a cartoon I am drawing to teach phonics? Thanks!

  17. Love this school! :) Where did you get the gym floor from?


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