Monday, July 11, 2011

Lot Tour: Alicia and Kyle's Apartment

Lot Tour: Alicia and Kyle's Apartment

I finally have a tour of Alicia and Kyle's apartment for you all. I moved them into Apple Valley's lovely Grayson Hill Brownstones. They live in the first apartment on the left. It's 3 floors, 3 bedrooms with a nice, little enclosed backyard.

Right when you walk into their place, you'll enter the living room.

I'm sort of using the a mix of City of Laurel Crossing's and Apple Valley's favorite color/design preference systems to help figure out my sims' styles.  I used Laurel Crossing's color system for Alicia and Kyle and they were given gray and purple respectfully. The living room is pretty much the only place in their apartment that I used their fav colors, though. They do wear a lot of purple and gray if I remember.

The kitchen is a little different than the original because I like more counter space. They're not chefs so I kept it simple. It needed to be functional, not extravagant.

And here's the hallway leading both upstairs and downstairs. Kyle's a Music & Dance sim but I see him as more of a music lover than a dancer. Don't mind the green fumes coming from the trashcan. When you have newborn twins, stinky trash is the last thing on your mind. :)

Here's a top down view of the main floor.

I didn't do anything special with the bathrooms so I skipped over those. On the second floor, you'll find the twins' nurseries. Ava's room is pink and Shae's room is yellow. I've only decorated the corners of the rooms right now because they're babies. They don't need much :).

Here's an overview of the second floor with a sneak peek at Kyle taking a shower. *rawr* Oh, and a stinky baby! Not so sexy.

On to their bedroom. I ignored their favorite colors because of this bedroom set. I just loved it so much. You can see a little bit more of Kyle's musical influence here too.

A top down view of the third floor.

Lastly, the backyard where Alicia likes to spend her time painting. She gets lots of inspiration from the busy city. I put the punching bag out there but then I realized that Kyle's lazy. But maybe Alicia will use it to get rid of the baby weight :).

And a top down view of the backyard.

Just let me know if you want to know where I got anything and I'll try to track it down!


  1. Beautiful. I love the way you decorated it. This pictures make my houses/ apartments look so plain. Great job.

  2. Thanks Bernz! I've been really trying to put more effort into my decorating because I've always been in awe of other bloggers' games. I used to hate decorating before but I'm really starting to enjoy it now.

  3. Danielle, I agree. Since I began using the fav color guidelines, interior decorating comes much easier, as I only have to find the specific color. Now, if only I can remember to put paintings on the walls...

    I love these brownstones! So far, I've only used one of the basement apartments and it was great for the single sim. I can't wait to use one of the upper apartments. Thanks, Apple Valley!

  4. This is beautiful. It looks very sleek but also homey at the same time. And I love the music posters and the old vinyl records on the wall.

    I'm totally in love with the view from their little backyard too! Is that a TS3 building as hood deco that you're using there on the right? It looks kind of like the supermarket. Where did you get those, if you don't mind me asking?

    I used to hate decorating as well but it's so satisfying to have your Sims in environments that are pleasing to your eye. And all it takes to get decent at creating those kinds of environments is just practice. So I love decorating these days. :)

    LC, I'd somehow missed your favourite colours post! I think I'll definitely be using that too from now on. :)

  5. The apartment looks great-thanks for the view of showering Kyle, made my morning :)

  6. Oh so beautiful!! I really, really love the backyard! I don't paint a lick, but I'd love to sit out there and pretend I do!! The twins nursery is super sweet, and lol at the shower pic! I love that they were home and about in the photos, just doing their own thing.

    Do you mind if I ask wcif those records on the wall? I'd love to use those for Jude in my game.

  7. LC, thanks for the compliments! It is a lot easier to decorate when you have a favorite color or theme in mind. Paintings on the walls is something I’m just starting to get better at. There are a few houses that still look very bare compared to the most recent houses I’ve played.

    Apple Valley really did do a great job with these brownstones. I’ve also used the bottom apartment (the one directly below Alicia and Kyle’s) for a single male non-playable sim. I need him to hook up with someone ASAP so I can play him more often!

    Carla, thank you! I grabbed a ton of those music posters and had the hardest time trying to decide which ones to use. They just don’t have enough wall space for all of them lol.

    I’m not positive if that is one of the TS3 deco buildings by their house or just some other deco building I have. I’m not on my home computer but I will definitely let you know later on. I really love this area downtown, too. A bunch of brownstones I downloaded are here.

    And yes, I’m now finally able to experience satisfaction when I’m playing my sims at their house or send them to a community lot I recently decorated. The added touches make the place feel more real and I don’t have to do as much “creative photographing” as I did in the past lol. I still have a lot of work to do on my other lots, though, but I’m enjoying it much more now!

    Thank you, Starr! LOL I thought that since you made such an awesome lot, I’d return the favor with a little shot of Kyle showering. I won’t tell if you tried to zoom in on it ;) lmao.

    By the way, if anyone's interested in those posters, they can be found in the Retro Section of the N99 Forum Packs site

  8. Whoops, Maisie, you snuck in there! :) Thank you for the compliments! I wouldn’t mind sitting in their backyard pretending to paint like you said, either lol. I can make some nice looking stick figures! And I wish I had more stuff to put in their nurseries right now to fill up the empty space but I will when they age up (and when Kyle and Alicia have more money!) :)

    I believe those albums are from MTS but I will definitely get back to you when I get home later.

  9. Carla, I just checked and yes that is a TS3 building as hood deco. CuriousB made them and they're at GOS. There are more deco buildings on their DW that I use as well. near the bottom

    Maisie, I wasn't even close to being right about those albums LOL! They are at Exnem Sims and here's their link at the Booty.

  10. Awesome, thanks for the links!

  11. What a gorgeous place to live in! The baby rooms are my favorite, I think. I really like the wall decor that you found for those babies, especially the little outfits hanging on the little hangers. Too cute!

  12. You’re welcome, Carla!

    Thanks, Mandie! Simply Styling has become a favorite site of mine for clothing clutter lately. If you haven’t checked out their décor section, you should! Great stuff!

  13. Thank you for the link!!! Sorry it took me so long to make my way back here, I appreciate it though! :D :D Downloading them as I type.

  14. Maisie, you're welcome and no worries! I see I didn't give you the right link anyway! lol Here's the link to the booty

  15. This looks so cosy, so warm and inviting! I hope they can continue to live there when the girls grow older!

  16. Thanks for commenting, Tanja! I really love their apartment and I hope they can stay there for a while too! Hopefully no more oops babies, although I won't be too upset :).


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