Thursday, August 4, 2011

School Spirit

Round 5: March 2012 (Spring)
Staff: Principal Kathryn Whitmore is 40, Jason Gray is 29 and Vicki Pederson is 21.
Students: Dana and Darren Stevens are 17, Xia Hu, Jessica Whitmore, Tony Mendez and Amber Bauer are 16,
Joshua and Christian Baxter are 13 and Alyssa Thomas is 12.
Narrated by Alyssa

I was a little nervous starting high school but so far, it's not so bad.

The work is definitely harder than what we did in elementary school but I'm still getting As. And that is all that matters.

There aren't a lot of kids in our school so most of the classes are combined. I'm in a class with 2 boys a year ahead of me.

They seem cool and they're kind of cute, too. Especially Josh.

Gym class has to be my favorite class. Dad and I used to play basketball a lot when I was younger and it's cool that I can play every day at school.

I thought I was a decent player but it's not the same playing against the upper class.

We also get to play soccer which I've never played before. Xia hasn't played much either but she's pretty good.

I was able to psych her out, though, and beat her.

GOAL! I love winning!

We all have art class together and it's a lot of fun, too.

I'm not very good at it yet but I'm starting to love this class, too. I'm only doing drawing and painting now and can't wait to move onto pottery.

The only thing I don't really like about our high school are some of the girls. I tried talking to this one girl, Amber, who I think is a junior, and she laughed at me like she was too good to talk to me!

That really pissed me off so whenever I see her around, I get in her face.

She tried to scare me by threatening to fight me in front of everyone, but I let her know that I don't care who she is or how old she is.

I don't back down so if she wants a fight, we can go any time!

I followed her out to the courtyard and started arguing with her again.

We almost got into it right there but Ms. Pederson caught me poking her and made me apologize.

I didn't even start it and I had to apologize to her! So stupid!

She didn't like my apology but whatever. She knows that I'm not going to back down so she better watch her back.

At least all the girls aren't a pain like Amber. Jessica and Dana let me eat lunch with them which was cool.

And I know Xia through her little sister, An. But none of us are that tight yet.

I definitely get along much better with the boys, which is fine with me. They're less drama!

Ha, Alyssa seems to like Darren (who doesn't?!), who's 17 years old. He takes the compliment and moves on, though. Flirting with a girl 5 years younger than he is at his age is just not appropriate and he knows it.

And another one with high hopes. 13-year old Christian tried flirting with Darren's twin sister, Dana. She's desperate to have her first kiss and fall in love, but not that desperate! :)

-I didn't get a good shot of her but if any of you remember, the teacher Vicki Pederson was one of Paul's flings at uni. I needed teachers and since she's 21, I decided to throw her into the education major and make her a student teacher. The principal, Kathryn, is the mother of Jessica who's made a couple of appearances in some updates (particularly when all her hair fell out at Sofia's salon 2 years ago).
-I don't know what started it but Alyssa and Amber do not like each other at all. They're not enemies yet because I kept distracting them, but it was most definitely all Alyssa's fault. She has 1 nice point and Amber has 5 and every time I saw them about to interact with each other, it was almost always initiated by Alyssa. They were very likely going to get to the point of fighting but I didn't want a huge fight during my first high school play session! Maybe next time, but Amber will have graduated. Alyssa has some balls, though, standing up to a 16-year old.
-I am so happy with my high school! It runs with very little lag and I hope it'll continue that way even when I have more than 9 students.
-Speaking of which, I packaged the lot up to see how large it was with all the cc and it's 65.5 mb! It, naturally, packaged every single recolor I have for everything, and that's a lot (all thanks to Piggi!). If I remove all the cc, who knows how scary it would look on the inside with all the OMSPs I used. So for those who were interested, I will not be sharing it right now. Whenever I get some time to clean it up a bit, I'll definitely upload it.


  1. Alyssa is the average teenage girl lol. Most things they do don't make any sense :). Junior high crushes are so cute, albeit a little inappropriate lol. And wow, that's a huge file! The school looks great though, all the little details really make it true to life.

  2. She looks so much like her sister, it's scary. Maybe she's better off hanging with the boys though :P

    Cleaning a lot is easy with the Clean Installer, just click the file and then uncheck all the extra recolors-then click save as, baam! Newly cleaned lot without having to load or exit the game.

  3. Mizzgin, thanks for reading! Glad Alyssa came off as the average teenage girl. I haven’t been 12 for a little while now and I definitely wasn’t like her, so I had to channel my inner brat (which wasn’t too hard lol).

    LOL, I had to use ACR’s “friend zone” a lot to keep the inappropriate interactions at bay. It was really bad, but the ones I showed weren’t as bad as the ones I didn’t show.

    Yea, the school is a lot larger than what I expected! But you’re right, the little things really make it more visually appealing. :)

    Starr, thanks for reading! You think so? I see so much of Alyssa’s dad in her that I didn’t see any of her older sister. I’ll have to look at them 2 together again now that Alyssa’s older. And yes, Alyssa should probably stick to boys, or at least just stay away from Amber lol. She'll find out soon enough that there's a whole different kind of drama that comes with boys, too!

    Cleaning out a lot is probably much easier for you than it is for me since I have so much cc. I probably have 100 recolors of that BV poster alone and they are all probably in the file. But I might do a little bit every day until it’s finally done lol. I never even noticed the "save as" button, so thanks for the tip! :)

  4. I loved this update. I like seeing how people play their high schools in their game. I try to but seriously I do only pictures. Great job!

  5. I always love reading school updates, and this one was fantastic! I really enjoyed Alyssa's point of view, and I think she is such a pretty little sim. And LOL at her picking fights with upper classmen. That's awesome! Your school looks like a lot of fun to attend and to play!

  6. Bernz, thanks for reading! So glad everyone enjoyed the update! Playing the high school was definitely fun once I figured out how I was going to write it. I can't wait to play them all again. :)

    Thanks for reading, Mandie! Again, very happy that you ladies had as much fun reading it as I did playing and writing it. I was hoping it came off sounding like a 12 year old and I rewrote things several times. I think I'm really going to love Alyssa even though she's likely to become the town bully lol! She's a tough little cookie standing up to upperclassmen, isn't she?! I forgot to mention in the notes that her reputation is quite bad already and she just turned 12!

    And thanks for the compliments on my school. I really enjoy it much more than my old one. Much more room to move around and take better pics. :)

  7. OMG! You have me in stitches. I love high school drama! Glad your first school session went well. Ans here's for many more!

  8. I am so excited you are going to put the building up for download, at least then all I have to do is decorate (which I enjoy much more than building)! Thank you so much; you rock! :)

    I always hung out with the boys when I was young as well. I felt like I was living in a soap opera when I was with the girls. Haha. ;)

    Great update!

  9. "That really pissed me off so whenever I see her around, I get in her face."

    Bwahaha! I literally LOLed at that! Amber will be sorry she ever froze Alyssa out. She clearly didn't know who she was dealing with! I can see Alyssa being more of a boys' girl. I imagine she's a little too in-your-face for a lot of other girls.

    But it seems like she might eventually want to be more than friends with Josh (and he's pretty cute, so I can't blame her). I wonder what he thinks of her though!

    Do you remember where you got Alyssa's gym wear? It's hard to find stuff for teens.

  10. GB, thanks for reading! LOL glad you enjoyed the update! I was hoping for some drama but I thought it’d be in the love department, not angry teen department! Either way, I’m happy with it :).

    Thanks for reading, Coolkat! You’re welcome! I don’t have a definite timeframe on when I’ll have the download available but I’m working on it! I enjoy decorating much more than building, too, but I just had to build this school because I wasn’t satisfied with any of the others I had found.

    Most of my friends were girls in high school but I had a few guy friends, too. We had a lot of fun which was different than the fun I had with the girls. I miss my guy pals! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

    Thanks for reading, Carla! LOL! Amber definitely messed with the wrong girl. I see Alyssa as being too “in-your-face” for some girls, too. And even though Jessica and Dana let Alyssa sit with them at lunch, to me, they didn’t look too thrilled about it. I can see Alyssa ruling the school in a couple of years.

    Josh is a little cutie and we’ll see if things spark when we see them again. They both have the want to be friends with each other and there is some attraction (2 bolts, I believe). Josh is a romance sim, so we’ll see how that goes! :)

    Alyssa’s gym wear is from GOS’s April Project. You can grab them here. Definitely check the rest of the thread because there are a few more athletic outfits there.

  11. HA! She likes the boys more cause they are less drama... ahem, Alyssa dear you cause that drama. Goodness, I do so enjoy reading her updates, and she is just so cute!! I love her whole face and expressions, and that adorable nose of hers! I can't wait to watch her go through these teen years, and how she finds friends/makes enemies, and who she ends up dating.

    It was fun to see your high school in action! Looks great!

  12. As I said before I was really looking forward to seeing your high school in action and as always you didn't disappoint me :) It looks even better in action than it does without the sims in it :)

    Alyssa doesn't seem like the type to mess with, she really stands up for herself! Who can blame her for that :)

  13. Thanks for reading, Maisie! Alyssa causing drama? Nah! She doesn't think so at least! LOL. I'm glad you like her as much as I do because I think she's adorable, even though she's a big ol' meanie. I can't wait to see what she's like when she starts dating.

    I might have to give my elementary school a similar makeover so I can enjoy it as much as I do the high school :).

    Thanks for reading, Tanja! So happy to hear I didn't disappoint with the update :). I had fun playing it and seeing how good the surroundings looked.

    And you're right. Alyssa definitely stands up for herself! Hopefully she won't run into someone who will put her in her place and hurt her ego! Or maybe she needs that. ;)

  14. Great first update! I'm glad it work so well for you.

    As far as using Clean Installer, by clicking the "Lot Only" icon, it will de-select every file except the lot file. You can, at that point, select the CC you want to include, or just keep it as is.

    Like I told you on N99, looking at your finished effort in building your own school has inspired me to build me own. So for this weekend, instead of playing households for some updates, I build my own HS. Before, I had been using a redecorated CC lot (Belladonna Cove High) and it was just too big. So I built my own on a 3x3 lot, and it turned out great! I can't wait for you and everyone else on N99 to see it. I'm loading the game up now, so I can get some pictures in.

    Thank you again, Crystal. Now I'm done with my essay! ;)

  15. LaurelCrossing, thanks for reading! I keep saying it but again, I’m so glad that everyone enjoyed the update. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who thinks it’ll be funny lol.

    Thanks for the info about Clean Installer. I did deselect all of the recolors and now all the objects stand. So I may go in and replace some of the stuff with Maxis objects because the file size is still over 30mb. The Lot Only icon is another thing I never noticed with the program lol. I really should look at it more closely instead of just hitting the install button. :p

    I just searched for that Belladonna Cove High and wow! I really like the set up and all the classrooms and offices they put in there but yea, it might have been way too big. I can’t wait to see your new school! :)

    And don’t worry about writing essays. I write them a lot myself :p


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