Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All Growed Up! Birthdays, January 2013

Round 6: January 2013 (Winter)

It's a new year and a few sims are celebrating their birthdays!

Dana Stevens is now 18 and has been accepted into the University of Crystal Creek. She knows that having a degree will open more doors for her, so she decided to attend. She's thinking about getting into the gaming industry, so she's majoring in Computing.

Her twin brother Darren obviously turned 18 as well and has joined Dana at UCC. He's known that he wanted to be a doctor since he was 15 or 16 and has decided to major in Biology. He and Dana are living in Landgraab Hall.

Paul Reid has graduated college with a bachelor of arts in music with a 3.1 gpa.

His parents, siblings, and good friend Shelah (who also graduated) were all there to show their support.

Paul's now living in a converted warehouse downtown with his best friends Joel Rodriguez and Davina Meadows who are finishing their last year at the university. Paul is currently doing part-time gigs at local restaurants and pubs until he finds more permanent and steady work in the music industry.

Last but not least, Will Robinson turns 60 this year and is looking forward to having a big birthday bash to celebrate.

-I think that Dana is a clone of her older sister Alicia, so I hope no one will get them confused when they're together. I'll leave Alicia's hair shorter... and Alicia will be the one with children in tow lol. Darren's another clone. He looks exactly like their dad.
-After converting Maisie's warehouse into an apartment, it became much more affordable for these guys. And Joel and Davina had enough in their household funds and bank accounts to be able to move in with Paul. So yay! My first roommates household! :)
-Until Paul finds a job in the music career, I'm going to continue to send him to community lots to perform for tips. So hopefully he'll make a lot of tips or find a steady job soon so they can continue to afford their apartment.


  1. Everyone looks great, can't believe the twins are off to uni, yikes!

    1. Thanks! To me, it felt like it took forever to get the twins to uni but I'm excited! :)

  2. The twins aged really well.I'm glad Davina decided that she definitely wanted to go.I think at one point she was unsure and I know Darren was always set on attending.He's so determined;I'm sure he'll make a great doctor. All of the Steven's children are out of the house, right?Now Jeanette and Glen will have the house to themselves, except when the baby twins come over for a visit or to stay in their nursery.

    I was wondering who the woman next to Paul is.Are they dating? I can't wait to see his new place with Joel and Davina.I love roommate households.I don't have any, but from reading Carla's updates, they seem like a lot of fun and a great way for college buddies to really connect before heading off to have their own families and lives.

    Will looks great at 60.I can't wait to see his birthday bash.Is he your first adult to transition to elder?

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm really happy with the Stevens twins and I'm looking forward to playing them. You're right, Dana has never been very motivated and wasn't sure if she wanted to go to uni when I played their family. But she had great grades, a few scholarships, and had the want to go, so why not?! She'll thank me later lol. I think it'll be a great way to find herself and meet more sims. She's wanted to find love for a long time but her options in high school were very limited. And yes, all of the Stevens children are out of the house but Jeanette's mom is still there. They live in a huge house right now so they won't have to worry about bumping into her too often ;).

      The woman next to Paul's name is Shelah White. She's made appearances in several updates with him and was a townie in my hood. She and Paul have been fooling around since they were in high school but neither of them wanted to make things official or be monogamous. And neither gets jealous when the other flirts with someone else right in front of the other. So they're friends with benefits for right now lol. I'm letting them tell me what they want to do with their "relationship", so we'll see what happens.

      I'm so looking forward to my first roommate household. I haven't had any either and have been living vicariously through Carla's updates. I decorated Paul's room and the living room so far but haven't done anything with Joel and Davina's room yet. I'll definitely post a tour.

      Will does look pretty good at 60, doesn't he? I think he looks the same but with grey hair. He's my second sim to transition to elder :). I'm not sure if I'm going to play out his birthday bash "on camera" or if it'll happen off screen. I'll have to double check what his birthday month is and when their actual update is. And see what else is going on in their family.

  3. Yay, birthdays!

    Dana and Darren turned out so good looking! Love them both and I was really surprised by Darren, lol! He really looks the part of the dedicated doctor (or at the moment, the dedicated pre-med student!)

    Did you make Shelah a playable NPC now that she's graduated? Paul is looking good! Has he always had those piercings? Are you having him work in the EA Music career or the Rock Star career from MTS?

    Will is looking super handsome. He doesn't look much different at all, actually. He must be one of those lucky people who age well. :)

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm also really pleased with how the Stevens twins turned out. As soon as I saw that hair for download, I knew I wanted to give it to Dana lol. I think it suits her. And Darren is so handsome. I love that hair on him.

      Yup, I plan on making Shelah a playable NPC. I haven't gotten around to moving her into an actual house yet, which is why I didn't give any additional info on her. I just really want to get through the next household so I can show off Kyle and Alicia's twins lol. And yes, Paul has had those piercings since he was a teen. I often forget he even has them and did consider removing them. Maybe when he gets older. I'm thinking of putting him in the Rock Star career from MTS but will put him in the lower level of the EA one if it comes up first. I really want to make a record store and putting him in that career may force me to make one :).

      Yea, I didn't think Will looked much different either except for the grey hair. I did consider giving him black hair for a little while longer but his 'do didn't show up in the normal colors.

  4. I totally heart Dana! Shes so pretty! And I really like Alicia too so if they're clones that'd be why. I cant believe they're headed to university, really seemed to grow fast.

    Love that you made the warehouse apartment. I was just mulling that very idea today, because I want to use it too. Haven't decided yet. Looking g forward to reading about your roommates once you play them. Thats one of my favorite type of updates to read.

    Glad Paul graduated, hes a good looking guy and totally looks like his family!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Another fan of Dana I see :). I'm really looking forward to playing her to see how she grows. And I'm glad it seems like this group has aged fast to everyone. To me, if feels like I'm moving so slowly!

      Your warehouse is just awesome for these guys! I just have to put a few finishing touches and then I can grab some pics for a tour. Hopefully by the weekend.

      Paul really does clean up nicely... it's just too bad that he doesn't normally put in the effort! I'm not sure if this family is made up of clones like the Stevens family but there's definitely a family resemblance!


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